Gedcom-tool Marriges

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Gedcom tool Marriges

Isotammi project has written its own tool "Marriages". Its goal is to split PLACE information of MARR tag in case PLACE text contains in addition to marriage place also concurrent resident places of groom and bride.

E.g. page of marriage records of 1859 in Iisalmi parish in Finland.

Genealogists often type PLACE in second marriage of April as "Iisalmi (Petäjäjärvi 1, Ulmala 3)". Gedcom tool "Marriages" helps to clean marriage transaction place to "Iisalmi" and builds residence transactions (RESI) to participants. Date is same as marriage date and their place is of him/her.

The changed gedcom file is saved (optionally) and mostly imported to GRAMPS for type and hierarchy specification of places.